Pet Laser Therapy

Pet laser therapy is an amazing breakthrough for chronic pain relief in our animal friends. It’s a drug-free and non-invasive procedure, and pets will start to show immediate improvement in their symptoms after just one treatment. Some conditions will require multiple pet laser therapy sessions to promote healing; in other cases, it can be used to help relieve the symptoms of incurable problems like arthritis.

What is Pet Laser Therapy?

This type of therapy uses a specialized low-frequency laser light that is applied to the surface of your pet’s skin with a handheld device. This activates a healing process in the affected area called photobiomodulation. Pet laser therapy can provide the following benefits:

  • Pain relief is caused by reduced nerve sensitivity
  • Improved circulation and better cell oxygenation
  • Anti-inflammatory cellular reaction
  • Accelerated tissue repair and enhanced cell regeneration
  • Accelerated healing and reduction of scar tissue

What Pet Laser Therapy Can Treat

Pet laser therapy can be used for short-term injury pain relief or for long-term, chronic ailments. Some uses include:

  • Arthritis
  • Chronic pain & inflammation
  • Degenerative joint disease
  • Lick granulomas & skin conditions
  • Oral & dental problems
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Disc disease
  • Muscle sprains & strains

Treatment with Pet Laser Therapy

We primarily treat cats, dogs, and equines with pet laser therapy at Citrus Animal Clinic. Some exotic pets can also benefit from laser therapy since pain medications are very limited for some species.

Pets with liver disease are often precluded from taking medications, so laser therapy can be a great option for them.

Senior pets with organ failure that are precluded from taking medication sometimes have great success with laser therapy as well.

Pet Laser Therapy in Lake Placid, FL

A treatment session can usually be completed in as little as a half-hour. The low-frequency light is simply applied to the affected area on your pet’s body for a few minutes. (Eye protection may be required for you and your pet during a treatment session.) Pets have been known to actually fall asleep during treatments because they are receiving immediate relief from a pain problem.

The main benefits of this type of therapy are that it is non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, painless, and very quick to perform. We will work with you to come up with a regular treatment plan involving if necessary. The treatment can also be used as a companion to other types of therapies.

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