Appointment Policy

Our policy is to work on an appointment basis, including Saturdays. We know your time is valuable and we make every effort not to keep you waiting. The doctors and staff of Citrus Animal Clinic try to accommodate our patients when clients call and request for their sick pet to be seen on the “same day.” Please note: if you wish to consult with a specific doctor please let us know when you are scheduling your appointment.

Our policy is as follows:
Remember, that scheduled appointments have precedence over all call-in appointments and walk-ins.

  • Call-In Appointments: are those who have called in ahead, on the same day, and been given a tentative appointment by the clinic staff.
  • Walk-In: clients are those who come into the clinic without first calling. Depending upon your pet’s illness, waiting time may be longer or a scheduled appointment will be made. Please note: You will be worked in between our Regular Scheduled Appointments. However, we will try to keep your waiting time as short as possible.
  • Technician Appointments: certain procedures do not require a doctor’s examination and can be scheduled with one of our veterinary technicians. These procedures might include suture removal, nail trims, expressing anal glands, etc.
  • Emergencies: if you have an after-hours emergency, please call our answering service at 863-657-0568 and they will contact the doctor on call.