Surgery Release Form


  • Because no surgery is without some risk, however small, it is advisable to perform a pre-surgical blood profile prior to anesthesia. This profile helps assess your pet’s basic organ functions and health. If the liver and kidneys are not working properly the body can’t process the anesthesia properly. Therefore, if there is an abnormal finding we can adjust our anesthetic protocol to reduce risks to your pet or delay a procedure if necessary. We recommend pre anesthetic bloodwork on EVERY patient but you have the option to decline bloodwork on pets less than 5 years of age. We REQUIRE bloodwork on all patients over 5 years of age. These animals are actually “over 40” in human years and are at higher risk of having underlying disease. (You may be aware that medical testing is recommended for people as they age also such as mammograms, bloodwork, colonoscopies.) Why bloodwork? 1. It can lead to early diagnosis of disease and extend your pet’s life. 2. It can save you money by treating an underlying condition versus an emergency! 3. It gives us a baseline for us to compare to should your pet become ill. 4. It allows us to tailor medications and anesthesia to your pets needs We recommend pain management on most surgical procedures. Pets frequently show pain differently than humans. They don’t “cry” but have other more subtle indications that our staff is trained to monitor. It is our job to keep pain to a minimum here and at home. Your pet will likely go home with pain medication and antibiotics as deemed necessary by the doctor. We are now offering Postoperative Laser treatment that reduces post op pain, swelling and promotes faster healing time. Bloodwork is REQUIRED for ALL pets 5 years and older!!
  • Fees: -Pre-anesthetic Bloodwork is $93.20 -Laser Postoperative $18.00